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ASCAP Collab Lab + Sammy Plotkin Session

I was lucky to fit in 2 writing sessions and an ASCAP Collab Lab yesterday,all of which were great! Zak Astor and I finished a new song I am so excited to show, and after our session headed over to ASCAP's Collab Lab - which was incredible! Thank you ASCAP for getting so many amazing writers together and letting us show our work and plan new collaborations with each other. I feel so lucky to have been a part of it all =)

After, it was back to DTLA to write with the wonderful Sammy Plotkin. I have been doing cowrites with many different writers for a while, and he is one that is SOO easy to work with. Last night, we wrote a song with one of Zak's piano tracks and we are so proud of it. We will be sharing it soon!

Take a listen to Sammy Plotkin's killer songs @

With my friend and cowriter, Zak Astor, at ASCAP Los Angeles in Hollywood, CA.

Courtesy of ASCAP =)

At the writer's table @ ASCAP'S Collab Lab

Writing music with the lovely Sammy Plotkin

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