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I had tried to get the right producer for my EP, and I had always fallen short. Over the course of a year, different producers just never worked out. Doors continued to close, and finally, when all was looking bleak, a night out with an old friend brought me the right one for the job. It really was right place, right time, right person; meeting Stephen was what he and I both call 'DIVINE TIMING.'"

I met Stepehen Spencer after going to hang out with a good friend of mine from St. John's University, New York: film and television actor, Maelo Rey. He had been in LA for a while, but we never really got to hang out, outside of him attending a show I played at the House of Blues in Hollywood. So we went to hang out one night over some bowling, not knowing Maelo would tell me he was moving back to the East Coast for better acting opportunities; to connect us before he left, he brought his best friend from high school who was now living in LA: music producer and composer, Stephen Spencer.

Multi instrumentalist producer/composer, Stephen has spent his career listening to and studying different genres, allowing him to create freely in the genre of his choosing. Working with recording artists and video games, he's created different styles, ranging from jazz to orchestral to hip hop, fusing genres together for new approaches. Stephen's musical abilitiy started early and in a totally different genre than mine, and that's exactly what I wanted... a producer familiar and learned in various genres and experimental music. As a singer/songwriter I wanted to take my orignal songs and work with someone totally different from myself to marinate new sounds together and create something fresh. It's a whole new soud for me. He is an amazing beat-maker, composer and arranger, and working with him on the whole EP was a great experience.

We worked very closey together on this project, and Stephen is now a great friend of mine. The musical chemistry is there, which made the creative process so easy and so organic. In addition to producing my EP, he is writing songs for other artists and always finding new ways to make new, intriguing sounds. I could not be more thankful to have him on the team, and I look forward to releasing the music we have really put everything into. I know this isn't the end of our work together, so I can't wait to see what other projects come out of our future collaborations. But, until then, we hope you enjoy this latest release.

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