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Last Day in Nashville: Opryland, ASCAP, and Ole Music Publishing

Thank you to my good friend, Grand Ole Opry Vice President Pete Fisher, for taking me around Opryland and showing me all the behind the scenes action. Your encouragement and support has been so great! Thanks to Pete, I got a lovely tour and lunch with great conversation.

After my meeting with Pete, I left to meet Mike Sistad, senior creative director at ASCAP Nashville. I was lucky enough to pitch him some live music and got the most honest and helpful feedback. Thank you, Mike! (And thank you to Autumn for setting up our meeting)

From there, it was on to Music Row, where I met with Gilles at Ole Music Publishing. He graciously asked my to play some music for him and gave me so much support. I cannot wait to come back and write with the writers at Ole Nashville. Thank you, Gilles for the wonderful opportunity and the invitation to come back!

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