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The EP name has been officially announced!!! Alex Ritchie's newest work is called HEART WEIGHT. When asked about the name choice, Ritchie explained, "I wrote this EP as a reflection of some of the hardest times of my life. 2012 was the worst year I've had; it was the year I lost everything. I wrote most of this project with a heavy heart, but it was really theraputic for me. Heart Weight takes its listener from 2012 to now, in 2015. It starts on a sad note but ends on an optimistic one, since my life now is very different. It took 3 years to overcome much grief and adversity from that time, but I am in a much better place. This EP symbolizes much more than a story for me; it really shows the progress I have made since then."

In addition to working on this EP, she is set to graduate from UCLA next month. Ritchie is the executive producer of the project. The creative team for this effort include Stephen Spencer as producer, Chalice Studios' own David "Yung" Kim as mixing and mastering engineer and Kamron Allen as tracking engineer, Jarrod Cross as the official photographer, and Sydney Miyatake as the graphic desinger who did the cover art. The Heart Weight EP is set to drop on June 30th, and will be available on all online music retailers and streaming service, including iTunes and Spotify. Stay tuned and get ready the new music!!!

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