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Alex Ritchie has partnered with the A.Skate Foundation for the upcoming Heart Weight EP release. A.skate is a 501c3 non profit that allows children with autism to be part of our social world through skateboarding. A skateboarder since childhood, Ritchie was immediately interested in the cause and has been a volunteer with the organization since 2011. She and A.Skate founder, Crys Worley, became good friends through the skate clinics and Ritchie wanted to give back to a foundation she cares deeply for.

"Crys Worley is one of the most amazing human beings I have ever met. She started A.Skate on her own with just a few resources. Since then, A.Skate has become a global foundation, with skate clincis spanning from Alabama, its home state, to Ireland. They have also been featured by some of the world's greatest, most lengedary skate compaines, like Vans, and many pro skaters. Crys has overcome so much and somehow finds a way to run The A.Skate Foundation and raise her to wonderful sons, Fallon and Sasha - one of whom is autistic - while dealing with health problems, multiple surgeries, and other challenging life events. She's just amazing; I really have no idea how she does it. I knew I wanted to give back, and partnering with an NPO is a great way to do so for the release. It was really a no-brainer to choose A.Skate. It's something I believe in and really care about."

15% of all proceeds from Heart Weight will go directly to the A.Skate Foundation, and Crys Worley is set to attend the Los Angeles release party for the Heart Weight EP in June.

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