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Exactly one month ago, the Heart Weight EP was released. The day after its release, Zach Lawrence from Stetson reached out and offered to gift Alex Ritchie with some of their legendary hats. Lawrence said, "We noticed that Alex wears hats, but they are not Stetsons - we would like to change that." Alex could not be more proud and honored to hear the news. In response, she said, "Stetson is the first company that has reached out and taken notice of me, and it's crazy becuase I am a huge fan of the company. It's amazing that they contacted us so quickly after the release. I am so thankful! It's just exciting!" Stephen Spencer, Heart Weight EP proucer, also received a super snazzy Stetson. Check out the new hats on instagram!



(Pictured above) Alex Ritchie rockin' the grey Versailles hat by Stetson. Photograph by Jarrod Cross Photography.

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