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Getting Nashville Ready with Alfredo Ortiz

Tonight we are at Watson House Studios, a private Pasadena studio owned by my good friend Steve Watson. Accomplished drummer and industry veteran, Alfredo "Fredo" Ortiz (Beastie Boys, The Offspring, Jack White, Salvador Santana, Bongoloidz, and the list goes on...), has graciously come and played drums on a few tracks I will be pitching to my friends in the Nashville music circuit. I forgot to mention in prior posts that I will be leaving to Nashville the end of January for a week-long trip to meet with labels, publishers, and other music friends and family. It has been a long, but productive night and I am over the moon to have Alfredo again on my tracks - he last drummed on a single I did in 2013. With Nashville just around the corner, I could not feel more anxious and excited.

Find out more about Fredo's amazing accomplishments and talent from one of his sponsors:

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